Return of Celebrities From Being Monk/Nun

With the recent story of Singapore Actor Xie Shaoguang giving up being a monk, we will look at other celebrities that have done the same. Each of them has their own reasons for doing so. What will be the real reason why Xie Shaoguang decides on this?

Dolores Hart

She was an actress who already had made it and whose career was only going to better and better. She has a seven figure studio contract. However, she gave up all the fame,wealth and glamour and because a nun. The reason why she went back to have a feel of the red carpet is because :

->”Once you have decided to become a public figure you have made an agreement with your audience and it’s a lifetime agreement,” she(Dolores Hart) once said. “So even if you pull away there is a part of you that you can’t just say you no longer belong. You do.”


MiMi Tao

She was sent to a temple school at 12 and was a monk for six years. She is a transgender and works hard to pursue her modelling dream. She is now a well-known lingerie and fashion model in Asia. The reason why she stop being a nun is because :

->Her Mother’s Debt.


Huang Yida 黄义达

He is a Singaporean Singer and Songwriter who started out in 2004. However, he went “missing” for a period of time and went to become a monk for a short period of time. The reason why he became a monk has been speculated as stress, unable to cope with life, hitting rock-bottom in relationship and career. The reason why he stop being a monk is because :

-> He has turned into a better person and believed that he can do it!


桑妮 Sang Ni

She is an actress born in Taiwan. She was nominated as best new actor and has played different roles in TV dramas and Movies. She has acted in Taiwan, Hong Kong and Japan. Later, she became a nun after getting influence by the teachings of Buddhism and feel more at ease at heart during her practice. The reason why she stop being a monk is because :

-> Her family was having a hard time and her parents are unable to retire. So she has to go back to earn a living.


Zhang Feng Qi 张峰奇

He is a Taiwan Actor,Singer and Songwriter who started out in 2003. He has produced several albums, acted in a number of movies and held a number of concerts. Under the influence of Buddhism, he went to became a monk at the age of 7. The reason why he stop being a monk is because :

-> His parents persuaded him and wanted to groom him for the music industry


So what could be the reason why Xie Shaoguang returned to secular life?  Below will be some speculations :

  1. His restaurant is not doing well and is short of manpower
  2. His restaurant is doing too well and he is going down to be the extra pair of hand
  3. He found his true love and is planning to get married
  4. A promotional gimmick for his restaurant
  5. He needs money urgent for some other matters
  6. No special reason, he just want to be a chef. Maybe that is his real passion.


Will Xie Shaoguang triumphed with his ‘People who understand will understand even if I don’t speak, people who don’t understand won’t understand even if I speak.’ Do you worry that other people don’t understand?” stance or will he succumb to the media’s pressure into giving the reason? Only time can tell or perhaps the ‘digging’ and ‘sourcing’ power of the media will be able to unearth something…

As the saying goes, if you have nothing to hide, you will have nothing to fear when people start to investigate.

Last but not the least, I believe everyone needs to have their own privacy and have their own reasons for doing something. So give him the peace he deserved and let things die down.


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