Sloth’s Creation

“A control given to you to make you mine.” – Unknown.


Sloth, a mortal enemy and yet so well-loved by people. Let’s take a look on what sloth has done over the years.


Creation of Drugs (Marijuana, Opium, Heroin, Cocaine, etc)

One of the most popular things that can be related to drugs will be the Opium Wars. In the first opium war – China had to limit trade tax rate (Loss of Income), accept concept of extraterritoriality (Loss in Power of State Law), pay fines (Loss of Money), Hong Kong was “given” away (Loss of Land).

Sloth works hand in hand with Greed and have cause significant damages because sales of such drugs can amount to huge amount of fortune. People are willing to take the risk for the fortune gained even at the cost of their life. Some of the “War” on drugs on US are Mexican Drug War, Puerto Rican Drug War, Colombian War on Drugs and Miami Drug War.


Creation of Games (Console, Phone Apps, Virtual, Online)

Games are such wonderful invention where they can momentarily take us away from the painful reality that we may face. However games can become an adversary once they become an addiction, games will become a nightmare that will take away your life. Games can also shape the minds of people causing to lose themselves. Many a time, these people are people who have their own strengths, talents and can contribute to the society but games took them away.

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Creation of Unemployment benefit / Social Security

An excellent idea to increase the social well-being of any place. People getting paid when they are not working so that their quality of life are sustained at a minimum level. However people have found ways around the system and exploited it. Again hand in hand with Greed like partner in crimes, people succumb to avarice and laziness.

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Basically, shadows of Sloth are everywhere. It is all about how well we can disciplined ourselves to hold out against the temptation of sloth. Now to ask yourself – Are you a victim of Sloth too?