Evolution of Greed

“A game with trap so well concealed that people became its pawn and enjoy being in it.” – Unknown


People evolved as the time pass by but sadly they are not the only thing that is evolving. Everything in the world is always evolving trying to surpass each other. Greed has evolved also. Long ago, people resort to violence / physical strength / military might to gain the wealth and power they desired. All the war wins / conquests which people talk about, the strategies involved in winning the war, the technologies involved to get an edge over the enemy. Greed played a major role in all and controlled people like pawns and enjoyed the game of killing.

Over time as the world changed and the number of wars drop drastically, Greed evolved and change the game making it enticing, exciting and so “fulfilling” for the people drawn into it. One of the greatest instrument / game Greed has created is the Stock Market. It is a game so well-designed and carefully planned out that it is difficult to find the “evil”.  Ever heard of the pyramid scheme? Well, the Stock Market is the epitome and legal version of the pyramid scheme with added functionalities.

Let’s put this into a simple scenario and make it clearer.

A company calls for IPO with its proposal saying that the returns are good / an existing big company that is doing well and decides to be listed.


Next year, the company releases news that they are doing well and giving an “excellent” financial statement, well-audited. Further promising the growth of the company going to get more profit. All forecasted so well.


As the years goes by, new investors will invest, old investors will pull out.


So this is the pyramid scheme in slow motion of yearly activity. Now to step on the accelerate pad and make this look like the stock market. News come from everywhere affecting the demand of the shares of companies, these have triggered investors / traders actions to buy or sell. Everyone will make a decision that will create the greatest value for themselves. Values of shares increase through the demand for it and this ultimately creates value for people at the top of the pyramid. Not forgetting that stock market allows for quick gain / loss for anyone who dwells in it. The people at the top of the pyramid can also close down / delist the company anytime they want after milking enough money. When they are in need of money again, they can always start a new pyramid and the cycle continues… Not to mention the money they have laundered / squandered away while the company was in operation.


Welcome to the Game of Greed! It is either you make it rich or pay with your life… Enter at your own risk. You have been warned…