The Power of Sins


“All you need was a little push and I helped you. Shouldn’t you thank me?” – Unknown


The world started with limited pool of resources which will increase over time. – Oil, Forest, Animals, Minerals, Manpower, etc. Over time, people found out that they need other resources and started trading with people who have control over / access to the resources. Back in the old days, people who own lands held great power because having landing means having access to the resources you need. People will  go on conquest / wars to grab more land. Let’s just put this into a simple environment and this will be much clearer.

BC 220. (2 Kingdom)

Kingdom A Kingdom B
Forest Resource – 100 Trees, Production Rate : 10 Trees per year, Consumption Rate : 5 Trees per year Mineral Resource – 100, Production Rate : 30 per year, Consumption Rate: 10 per year
Oil Resource – 50 Barrels, Production Rate : 10 Barrels per year, Consumption Rate: 5 Barrels per year  Oil Resource – 30 Barrels, Production Rate : 5 Barrels per year, Consumption Rate: 15 Barrels per year
Food – 1000 Tonnes, Production Rate : 200 Tonnes per year, Consumption Rate: 100 Tonnes per year Food – 300 Tonnes, Production Rate : 50 Tonnes per year, Consumption Rate: 200 Tonnes per year
Manpower – 500, production Rate: 50 per year, Date Rate: 25 per year. Manpower – 500, production Rate: 50 per year, Date Rate: 25 per year.

Background : Kingdom B and Kingdom A has pact ever since the start of the civilisation. Trading mineral for forest, oil and food. Everything could have gone happily ever after and the world could progress at a steady rate.

All it take was a small shift and everything will change. It may seem stupid but why would anyone try to break this? Well, this is already happening in the real world –  Look at the power of the 7 sins. Everyday in the news headline you can see a few of them easily.

Envy (Credits to BBC)


Greed (Credits to BBC)


Pride (Credits to CNN)


Lust (Credits to MSN)



BC 221. (2 Kingdom – Tension on the Rise)

Background : Kingdom A started to be greedy and decided to push up the exchange rate.(Greed) This will ultimately mean 2 things for Kingdom B.

  1. Being more innovative and increase production rate of the mineral to offset the increased need for the trade
  2. Start a war and take over Kingdom A.

Now if Kingdom B was to be continued to suppressed, what will happen? Surely Kingdom B is going to retaliate in some ways or another unless it wants to be taken advantage of forever. Just add a little speck of incitement and the situation will turn into a war easily. And this is happening in the real world as well. All we need to do is to create some misleading information and watch everything unfold.

BC 222. (2 Kingdom -On the Brink of War!)

Background : Life in Kingdom A got even better and life in Kingdom B just turn for the worst. Many people start to sneak from Kingdom B to Kingdom in search for a better life.(Envy) Now, this just sound familiar, doesn’t it? Illegal Immigrants ! Kingdom A started to notice the influx of these people and decided to turn them away. Sounds familiar again right? Over the news headline! And the resentment builds up!(Wrath). What make matter worse was the “weak” ruler of Kingdom B not doing anything to help the kingdom and keep enjoying the secluded, sheltered life in company of his wives.(Sloth,Gluttony, Lust).  The ruler will turn away the Kingdom’s adviser claiming that everything was in control and refuse to change even though deep down inside, the ruler knows that one day the kingdom will fall. (Pride).What makes things worse was Kingdom A’s advisor incited the ruler of Kingdom A claiming that Kingdom B was building up an arsenal of weapons preparing to invade Kingdom A.

BC 223. (2 Kingdom – Fall of Kingdom B)

Background : Kingdom A invaded Kingdom B and took over without much effort. The ruler of Kingdom A found that everything was a lie and the ruler of Kingdom B has never wanted to invade Kingdom A. However, the advisor was no where to be found after the war or have simply vanished from the surface of the world.

Stay tune for the next story…